Sunday, May 18, 2008

Malmstrom Air Show

Today we took the kids to see the air show and open house at the base. The Canadian flying team the Snowbirds flew. It was the first time they were back to Great Falls to perform since one of their pilots died in a plane crash one year ago when they were here for an air show. The kids had a blast, even Cole loved watching them fly overhead. The 85 degree weather and snowcones made it a perfect day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kati's Mother's Day Program at school

Here are a few from Kati's Mother's Day program at school on Friday, even one with her teacher, Mrs. Evans. Kati is front row center in the group shot. Dan had to work until last minute, he showed up in his uniform, but luckily he made it to see the program.

Cole tried to "sing" along with the kids, which was entertaining. Kati's class sang 5 different family, mother and father songs. The hat she is wearing was the gift that she made for me for Mother's Day.

Getting caught up...

Since I was so busy with the store's five year anniversary on the 3rd I haven't had much time to get all the pics of the family posted. I will do better on keeping up. :)

Here are some from May 6th when we were working on the flower beds.

April 29th-Around the house

The kids were doing some chores and Cole was munching on Cheetos.

April 26th

It was so warm on the 26th that Kati and I took Cole for a walk.