Thursday, June 17, 2010

Roosevelt Park Zoo

family-1  family6-1

The kids had such a blast at the zoo last week.  Here is some pictures from the trip.  We got passes to be able to go back all summer because the kids want to go back again to get to feed all the animals.

family2-1   family5-1

Intro to Minot

Last week while visiting Minot we were welcomed into the community at every turn.  Everyone was so nice.  We went out to a great dinner at Space Alien Bar & Grill.  The kids got some good laughs at the magician that performed while we ate.  They also played tons of games and earned fun silly alien prizes.  (It had the play machines like a Chuck-E-Cheese.)  Another very nice lady that was dining at a table near ours gave the kids each a coupon for ten free coupons.  This is a picture of Cole’s dinner.  He was so thrilled his drink was in the alien bottle.family3-1

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movin on up

The kids and I are over visiting Dan in Minot.  We got the keys to our new house and are getting to sightsee around the area.  We head beack to Great Falls in two days.  The movers get us packed and moved out the week of the 23rd.  Hope the weather is nice tomorrow so the kids and I can spend the day at the zoo.