Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keeping Up…

I am sorry I have been so far behind already this year.  With the classes I am in this term, Dan being gone, working on the house, and just daily life~I have fallen behind.  I have pictures taken and next week when this term ends, before I get too bogged down with the next classes I will work to get some pictures posted.

For now, just some quick updates~

Dan is now in California, the second half of his classes he has to take.  We are a third of the way done with his being gone.  I was spoiled and got to see him last week in Vegas for two days and that was a ton of fun, plus a much needed break for both of us.  We are counting the days because we expect to get our orders in the next month to find out where we are heading to this summer.  Just hoping it is something we want…

I am getting busier and busier with school and doing photo shoots on the side.

The kids are all doing well, and growing like crazy.  Trent turns 15 next week!  SO hard to believe.  Hope everyone is doing well, and I will post again soon….