Monday, November 29, 2010

Crafting Kati

In Girl Scouts, the girls drew names for a Secret Sister gift giving at their next meeting.  They are suppose to make a hand-made gift for their “sister.”  We started with a friendship bracelet, but Kati said making it was too boring.  She wanted to create something “more crafty.” 

So she decided to re-create the project I made at Creative Escape with Tim Holtz.  It is a collaged pendant/necklace that has its own decorative frame to hold the jewelry.  {My finished one is seen in the first picture by the glue stick.}


We gathered all the needed things from my overstocked scrapbook supplies.  She set to work ripping, inking, and glueing.   

kati-IMG_1678-101126   kati-IMG_1680-101126   kati-IMG_1681-101126

The project isn’t complete because we had to order the pin with bail from an online store.  It will get here on Friday and I will post her completed project.  Below is the picture of how much she got done.  She only let me help get the long brad opened once she had it through all the layers on the heart.  She was most thrilled because she found an old “Brownie recipe” for her ephemera on her collage frame. 

I am betting her “secret sister” will love it.


Of course, this is Cole helping the project along.  :)